Portable Concrete Truck Scale

Portable Concrete Truck Scale

Product name: portable concrete truck scale Structure functions and features 1.Modularization digitization, standardization, serialization platform balance, multi-unit combination. 2.Subtract tare and clear tare automatically 3.Keyboard set/calibration 4.Vehicle No.,tare storage, subitem......

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Product name:
portable concrete truck scale

Structure functions and features

1.Modularization digitization, standardization, serialization platform balance, multi-unit combination.

2.Subtract tare and clear tare automatically

3.Keyboard set/calibration

4.Vehicle No.,tare storage, subitem accumulation, total accumulation

5.Data output/print automatically

Superior measurement performance, high accuracy, long-term stability, convenient installation and maintenance, make our truck scale widely used in materials measurement in or out, inventory measurement, production monitoring and data management and etc.

Plain plate or chequered plate optional
With a top cover on the platform for access to the load cells.
Composed of 4 or 6 U beams and C channel beams,robust and rigid.
Middle dissected,with bolts connection.
Width available:3m,3.2m,3.4m.
Standard length available:6m,7m,8m,9m,10m,12m,14m,16m,18m,20m,21m,24m.
Max Capacity available:30t,40t,60t,80t,100t,120t.
3 sets of 3x18m can be placed in one 40'high container
SCS Industrial Electronic weighbridge

Technical information:    
Weigh Accurate Grade:  OIML  III
Working Environment Humidity:    ≤95%
Working Temperature:  -10°C~+60°C
Working Power: 220VAC(-15%~+10%),50HZ±2%
Weigh Platform Intensity: 1/1000
Safety Loading capacity: 130%F·S

Weighing Indicator:

  1. 7 bits high brightness LED displaying

  2. New magnetic isolation technology Interface.

  3. Protect data >5000h when power failure

  4. Data Encryption

  5. Ports detection

  6. Keys detection

  7. Calibration parameters including selections “remove tare” , store tare” , “set tare”

  8. Fraud prevention

  9. AC /DC compatible

  10. Interface: RS232C/ RS422/ RS485

Load Cell:

  1. Accuracy Grade: C3

  2. Comprehensive Error: ≤±0.02%F.S

  3. Communication Interface: RS485 Insulation

  4. Resistance: ≥5000(50V DC) MΩ

  5. Non-repeatability: ≤0.01%F.S

  6. Lag: ≤0.03%F.S

  7. Creep(30 minutes: ≤0.02%F.S

  8. Effect of temperature on the zero output: ≤±0.015%F.S/10℃

  9. Effect of temperature on the sensitivity of the output: ≤±0.011%F.S/10℃

  10. Temperature Compensate Range: -10~+40℃ Temperature Range: -35~+70℃

  11. Recommended Excitation Voltage: 6-15(VDC)(digital) Max. Excitation Voltage: 18(VDC)

  12. Safety Overload Range: 150%FS Limit Overload Range: 300%FS

weighing platform
Welding platform design is standardizing, modularized, serialized, it can form to a variety of models freely, the system selects high precision double shear beam or column weighing sensors, weighing indicator has rich features, strong storage and with a battery that can continue using when the power off, as well as a high precision, low temperature drift and stronger anti-interference stainless steel waterproof junction box, and signal shielded cable to make the measurement system multifunctional and reliable.

Computer Software
If you need to use computer software to realize intelligent multi-functional weighing management, you can choose our company’s special weighing software.
 The weighing management software is researched and developed by ZONJLI, which make truck scale can equip with various computer and weighing indicator, the special weighing management software system has menu prompt man-machine dialogue, print and display function. System functions include: date, time, sequence No. cargo name, specification, vehicle No. tare weight, net weight, gross weight, total accumulation, sub-item accumulation, making chart, tabulation, summary, All reports can be printed by printer. At present weighing management software has two version, standard version and network query version. If you have special requirement about the weighing management software, we can custom to make the weighing management software meeting customer’s requirement.


1.Advanced manufacture equipment:

NC sheet metal bending machine, NC hydraulic guillotine shear, Horizontal shot blasting cleaning machine, Automatic numerical control cutting machine, Fully automatic intelligent multi-head welding machine, Painting and drying production line, Full scale weight debugging platform

2.Normative technological process:

Blanking→Fold U shaped beam→U shaped beam pre-arch→U-shaped beam automatic welding→Install and weld end plate→Surface shot blasting treatment →Surface protection treatment→Full scale calibration

Advantage of weighing platform

  1. U beam designed by stress analysis software ensure good whole structure under heavy duty.

  2. Strong and good carbon steel made weighing platform, designed lifespan more than 10years.

  3. Good user feedback from Minebea Intec, Sinotec, Jiangxi Copper Corp., SINOMA, CHEMCHINA, AVIC, and etc.

  4. Continuously improved quality with efforts from 50engineers and clients.

Quality control

  1. Quality policy: employee is the basic, respect customer, whole staff participation, scientific management, quality priority, continual improvement

  2. Quality audit: Enforce strictly ISO9001 quality system and 5S on-site management mode, supervise the product quality through effective system

  3. Professional R&D staff and technical staff ensure that the product design is scientificity and rationality

  4. The first class production equipment and technological process ensure product quality

  5. Full capacity weight debugging rigorous testing system ensures product’s accuracy

About us
JIANGXI ZONJLI HIGH-TECH CO.,LTD.(ZONJLI for short) found in 1999 and located in Nanchang city of Jiangxi Province of China, which is a famous measuring high-tech enterprise.JIANGXI ZHONGJIALI SCALE&SYSTEM CO.,LTD. Is ZONJLI manufacturing base, ZONJLI main product is electronic weighing scale, various types of electronic weighing scale annual production reach to 3000 sets. Beside ZONJLI also provides relative products research and development, manufacture, sale and technical service, such as analysis testing instrument, indicator, electrical control, automatic system integration, network control and management software. All ZONJLI products are developed to meet the international standards and get certificates such as CE, ISO etc. At the same time ZONJLI gets the national key new product certificate and multinomial patents. Moreover, a part of products are supplied to military. ZONJLI has been vice president unit of China Weighing Instrument Association and member unit of China weighing Instrument Standardization Technical Committee Secretariat.

Our History

1.1999. Qifeng Hu and other three initiators built Jiangxi Tuoli Weighing Apparatus Co.,Ltd. In high-tech zone Nanchang. Main business is electronic weighing apparatus.

2.2002. Qifeng Hu invested and built Xinyu Changhong Electronic Weighing Apparatus Co.,Ltd. in Xinyu city of Jiangxi province. The technical engineers and main managers are from military enterprise in 1989, which is one of the first batch companies of getting the electronic weighing apparatus manufacturing license. Main business is defense industrial electronic weighing equipment and measuring and testing device.

Jiangxi Tuoli weighing Apparatus Co.,Ltd. Was renamed Jiangxi Tuoli Technology Co.,Ltd. Extend business scale continuously.

3.2003. Xinyu Changhong Electronic Weighing Apparatus Co.,Ltd. Was renamed Jiangxi Dazhong Electronic Weighing Apparatus Co.,Ltd.

4.2004. Vigorously introduce software talent, devote to software development in weighing field.(Tuoli Weighing Management Software V1.0) is the first software achievement in company.

5.2005. Jiangxi Tuoli Technology Co.,Ltd. Established software development department and won Hi-tech enterprise recognition.

Jiangxi Dazhong Electronic Weighing Apparatus Co.,Ltd. moved into new factory, which covers an area of 24,000 square meters.
Jiangxi Tuoli Technology Co.,Ltd. and Jiangxi Dazhong Electronic Weighing Apparatus Co.,Ltd. passed ISO9001 quality system certification.

6.2006. Jiangxi Dazhong Electronic Weighing Apparatus Co.,Ltd. Won Hi-tech enterprise recognition.

Technology R&D of truck scale got important breakthrough.(Dynamic measurement protected truck scale) won inventive patent.

7.2010. Jiangxi Tuoli Tehchnology Co.,Ltd. Was renamed Jiangxi Zonjli High-Tech Co.,Ltd.

Jiangxi Dazhong Electronic Weighing Apparatus Co.,Ltd. was renamed Jiangxi Zonjli Weighing Equipment System CO.,Ltd and set up leading large electronic weighing apparatus production line in domestic.
(Embedded axle weighing detection dynamic static Integrated truck scale) won invention patent, several products have been granted patent protection.
 Won Jiangxi province government hi-tech industrialization major project fund support enterprise.

8.2011. Among China large weighing apparatus manufacturers, Zonjli passed various aspects inspection from Germany expert, to be Germany Minebea Intec’s strategic partner.

Elected as standing council unit of CWIA.
Industrial weighing system products win market recognition, to be some big enterprise supplier of Jiangxi Copper, Sinograin, Shanghai Railway Bureau, Huaxin Cement. Products are used in weighing field throughout the country.

9.2012. Highway charging weighing system products win recognition, and have been put into use in Jiangxi, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Henan, Hebei, Guangdong, Yunan and Jilin provinces.

10.2016. Completed shareholding reform, and listed in NewThreeBoard at NEEQ, stock Abbreviation is Zonjli, Stock Code is 838082.

Elected as Vice Chairman Unit of CWIA, and to be the member of National Weighing Apparatus Standardization Technical Committee.
Got ISO14001:2004 Environmental Management System Certification, OHSAS18002:2007 Occupation Health and Safety Management System Certification, Information System Integration and Service Qualification Certification(Three Grade)

11.2017. Be elected as Member of Technical Expert Committee from CWIA.

Enter successfully into innovation layer at NEEQ.
Established Guangzhou branch and Beijing branch to meet the rapid expanding of service area.

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