Electronic Truck Weigh Bridge Scale

Electronic Truck Weigh Bridge Scale

Product name: electronic truck weigh bridge scale Applications: Electricity power, Port, Highway, Chemical industry, Environment protection, Coal industry, Fossil oil, Cement, Pottery and porcelain, Steel industry, Mine industry, Rubber industry, etc. Countless enterprise users can create better......

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Product name:
electronic truck weigh bridge scale

Electricity power, Port, Highway, Chemical industry, Environment protection, Coal industry, Fossil oil, Cement, Pottery and porcelain, Steel industry, Mine industry, Rubber industry, etc. Countless enterprise users can create better benefits due to the excellent performance of ZONJLI scale. ZONJLI Wins wide recognition from domestic and international customers by insisting on creating first-class scale and providing sincere service

Technical information:    
Weigh Accurate Grade:  OIML  III
Working Environment Humidity:    ≤95%
Working Temperature:  -10°C~+60°C
Working Power: 220VAC(-15%~+10%),50HZ±2%
Weigh Platform Intensity:1/1000
Safety Loading capacity:130%F·S

analog truck scale


QHK Series

Scale Body Structure

Module U-beam steel structure

Load cell

DZHM-61 Load cell


DZ2008-1QP 6 digital LED Indicator

Junction box

AJ4 series

Signal cable

RVVP 6*0.5, 10meter

Optional Accessories

Printer/ Scoreboard displayer/ Computer/Voltage stabilization

digital truck scale


QHJ series

Scale Body

Module U-beam steel structure

Load cell

DZHM-61-D digital load cell


DZ2008-1EP digital indicator

Junction box

DJ6 Series

Signal cable

RVVP 6*0.5 10 meter


Printer/ Scoreboard displayer/ Computer/
     Voltage stabilization

Weighing Indicator:

  1. 7 bits high brightness LED displaying

  2. New magnetic isolation technology Interface.

  3. Protect data >5000h when power failure

  4. Data Encryption

  5. Ports detection

  6. Keys detection

  7. Calibration parameters including selections “remove tare”, store tare”, “set tare”

  8. Fraud prevention

  9. AC /DC compatible

  10. Interface: RS232C/ RS422/ RS485

Load Cell:

  1. Accuracy Grade: C3

  2. Comprehensive Error: ≤±0.02%F.S

  3. Communication Interface: RS485 Insulation

  4. Resistance: ≥5000(50V DC) MΩ

  5. Non-repeatability: ≤0.01%F.S

  6. Lag: ≤0.03%F.S

  7. Creep(30 minutes: ≤0.02%F.S

  8. Effect of temperature on the zero output: ≤±0.015%F.S/10℃

  9. Effect of temperature on the sensitivity of the output: ≤±0.011%F.S/10℃

  10. Temperature Compensate Range: -10~+40℃ Temperature Range: -35~+70℃

  11. Recommended Excitation Voltage: 6-15(VDC)(digital) Max. Excitation Voltage: 18(VDC)

  12. Safety Overload Range: 150%FS Limit Overload Range: 300%FS

Sizes :







2 pcs 1.5*6m



2 pcs 1.5*7m



4 pcs 1.5*4.5m



4 pcs 1.5*5m



4 pcs 1.5*6m



6 pcs 1.5*5m



6 pcs 1.5*5.33m



6pcs 1.5*6m



8pcs 1.5*5m


Truck scale Technical Index and Function Feature 

ZONJLI had researched and developed new type module U beam structure truck scale---H2 series truck scale, which adopts advanced technology from domestic and overseas, all truck scale is equipped with high precision weighing load cell and intelligent weighing indicator, which has following features:

ZONJLI all truck scale’s structure adopts U beam steel structure and compose anisotropic closed cavity, making local compressive stiffness of weighing platform panel is stronger than any other structure, which is greatly improve the ability of torsion resistance and lateral force resistance.

H series electronic truck scale capacity range is 20t~120t, through corresponding module combination, we can meet the customer’s requirement who need truck scale with different length, width and axle-loading, we provides the shortest delivery time via efficient batch production line.

ZONJLI have Horizontal Shot Blast Cleaning Machine, Numerical Control Sheet Metal Bending Machine with 7 meters length, Numerical Control Hydraulic Guillotine Shear with 7 meters length, Multi-head Automatic Welding Machine, Numerical Control Cutting Machine, Carbon Dioxide Gas Shielded Welding Machine Automatically, Electric Paint Sprayer, etc. which make ZONJLI to be the leader in truck scale field. Moreover, mature production technology and strict quality control system guarantee superior truck scale will be supplied to every customer.


1.Advanced manufacture equipment:

NC sheet metal bending machine, NC hydraulic guillotine shear, Horizontal shot blasting cleaning machine, Automatic numerical control cutting machine, Fully automatic intelligent multi-head welding machine, Painting and drying production line, Full scale weight debugging platform

2.Normative technological process:

Blanking→Fold U shaped beam→U shaped beam pre-arch→U-shaped beam automatic welding→Install and weld end plate→Surface shot blasting treatment →Surface protection treatment→Full scale calibration

Advantage of weighing platform

  1. U beam designed by stress analysis software ensure good whole structure under heavy duty.

  2. Strong and good carbon steel made weighing platform, designed lifespan more than 10years.

  3. Good user feedback from Minebea Intec, Sinotec, Jiangxi Copper Corp., SINOMA, CHEMCHINA, AVIC, and etc.

  4. Continuously improved quality with efforts from 50engineers and clients.

After-sales service, we will response within 20 minutes after got your feedback, make decision within 1 hour and finish the problem within 24 hours. If the problem were happened abroad, our local service man will solve the problem for you and our company will be responsible for the costs. Even your products are out of the warranty period, we will service you during the whole products lifetime.

Quality control

  1. Quality policy: employee is the basic, respect customer, whole staff participation, scientific management, quality priority, continual improvement

  2. Quality audit: Enforce strictly ISO9001 quality system and 5S on-site management mode, supervise the product quality through effective system

  3. Professional R&D staff and technical staff ensure that the product design is scientificity and rationality

  4. The first class production equipment and technological process ensure product quality

  5. Full capacity weight debugging rigorous testing system ensures product’s accuracy

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