U Beam Carbon Steel Truck Scale

U Beam Carbon Steel Truck Scale

Product name: U beam carbon steel truck scale Parameters of DZHM-61: Weighing indicator DZ2008-1EP indicator from JIANGXI ZHONGJIALI HIGH-TECH CO.,LTD adopts RS485 interface and combine with the digital weighing load cell to realize communication, communication distance: 1000 meters......

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Product name:

U beam carbon steel truck scale 

Parameters of DZHM-61:


Weighing indicator

DZ2008-1EP indicator from JIANGXI ZHONGJIALI HIGH-TECH CO.,LTD adopts RS485 interface and

combine with the digital weighing load cell to realize communication, communication distance: 1000 meters approximately. It can connect with 16 pcs load cells at most, do unbalance loading manually and automatically (four corners adjustment). It has easy pinyin input and humanized interface to realize data processing, such as display, calibrate, send, store, print. Execute strictly advanced production technology, 72hours aging test to ensure its reliability and stability. It can easy to connect with one or more digital load cell for consisting electronic truck scale, floor scale and Electronic mechanic scale and so on.

Technical Parameter:

1. Model: DZ2008-1EP weighing indicator

2. Connection method of digital load cell

Connection method: RS422/RS485 

Quantity of load cell: 1~16 pcs

Digital module type: ZONJLI module

Load cell power supply: DC10V,≤400mA

3. Display: 7bits high brightness LED display, 10 pcs state indicator

Display range: 000000 --- 999999(don’t consider decimal point)

Division: 1/2/5/10/20/50 optional

4. Light touch type rubber keyboard: 23 keyboard

5. Clock: Display year/ month/ day, hour/minute/second, leap year, leap month, Don't be influenced by off power

6. Scoreboard interface: Serial output method

Transmission mode: current loop

Date format: 11 bits

Baud rate: 600

Transmission distance: current loop 1000meters

7. Print interface: Standard parallel output interface, can connect with the printer appointed by indicator

8. Serial communication interface

Signal: RS232C / RS422/ RS485

Baud rate: Baud rate are optional 600/1200/2400/4800/9600

Transmission data format: 10 bits, 1 bit initial bit, 8 binary data bits, 1 stop bit

Transmission distance: RS232 output, 15 meters approximately, RS422/RS485 output, about 1000meters.

9. Data storage: can store 1000 vehicle Number and tare, 2001 cargos, 1000 group records

Data protection when off power>5000h

10. Operating environment

Power supply: AC110~220V,50~60Hz

DC 24V(Optional)

Operating temperature: 0 ℃ -- 40 ℃

Storage temperature: -25 ℃ -- 55℃

Relative humidity: ≤85%RH

Technical Performance

1.7 bits high brightness LED display

2. Interface adopts new magnetic isolation technology

3.Data protection when off power>5000h

4. Encryption function

5. Serial port detection function

6. Key detection function

7. During calibrate parameter increases function that Prohibit “remove tare”, store tare”, “set tare”

8. Anti-cheating function

Weighing platform

Specification and Basic Parameter

Note: Special sizes could be customized according to customer’s requirement.


Production Equipment

NC Cutting Machine from LVD HD→NC Bending Machine from LVD HD→CO² Multi-Operator

Automatic Welding Machine→NC Flame Cutting Machine→Large Shot Blasting Machine→Automatic painting and drying production line

Advantage of weighing platform

1.Easy to assemble. Each section of the scale consists of two small sections and be connected by two pieces of connecting plates. No need to overturn the platform to avoid troubles and save time. Take a 18m 150t heavy duty analog truck scale for example which consists of three modules and connected by four positioning pins. The positioning pins are placed on the first modules after it’s placed well, then the second section can be directly buckled on the first section, the same assembling way for the third section. It’s very relaxed to install the scale and easy to maintain.

2.The platform be welded by CO2 protected welding to prevent the cold solder. The comprehensive performance of the finished product is much better than normal welding product.

3.The scale surface rust removing reaches to Sa2.5 after completely shot blasted, which greatly enhances the anti-corrosion and anti-rust capabilities and very useful for the paint adhesion.

4.Use epoxy zinc-rich primer and acrylic polyurethane topcoat, which belong to high-end outdoor anti-corrosion and anti-rust paint and has excellent anti-corrosion rust properties.

5.The scale body passed 3,650 thousand fatigue tests and obtained related certificate.

Installation way: pitless, shallow pit.

After-sales service, we will response within 20 minutes after got your feedback, make decision within 1 hour and finish the problem within 24 hours. If the problem were happened abroad, our local service man will solve the problem for you and our company will be responsible for the costs. Even your products are out of the warranty period, we will service you during the whole products lifetime.

Quality control

1.Quality policy: employee is the basic, respect customer, whole staff participation, scientific management, quality priority, continual improvement

2.Quality audit: Enforce strictly ISO9001 quality system and 5S on-site management mode, supervise the product quality through effective system

3.Professional R&D staff and technical staff ensure that the product design is scientificity and rationality

4.The first class production equipment and technological process ensure product quality

5.Full capacity weight debugging rigorous testing system ensures product’s accuracy

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