Industrial Carbon Steel Truck Scale

Industrial Carbon Steel Truck Scale

Product name: Industrial carbon steel truck scale Applications: It’s suitable for metallurgy, chemical industry, food, logistics and other industries and is an ideal choice for weighing of lorries, trailers, semi-trailers, containers, dump trucks, agricultural vehicles and other overloading......

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Product name:
Industrial carbon steel truck scale

Applications: It’s suitable for metallurgy, chemical industry, food, logistics and other industries and is an ideal choice for weighing of lorries, trailers, semi-trailers, containers, dump trucks, agricultural vehicles and other overloading vehicles.

Pit & pitless mounted alternatively,and pit mounted more often.
Easy assembly and installation
Width available:3m,3.2m,3.4m.
Standard length available:6m,7m,8m,9m,10m,12m,14m,16m,18m,20m,21m,24m.
Max Capacity available:30t,40t,60t,80t,100t,120t.
3 sets of 3x18m can be placed in one 40'high container
SCS Industrial Electronic weighbridge

Technical information:    
Weigh Accurate Grade:  OIML  III
Working Environment Humidity:    ≤95%
Working Temperature:  -10°C~+60°C
Working Power: 220VAC(-15%~+10%),50HZ±2%

Load Cell:

  1. Accuracy Grade: C3

  2. Comprehensive Error: ≤±0.02%F.S

  3. Communication Interface: RS485 Insulation

  4. Resistance: ≥5000(50V DC) MΩ

  5. Non-repeatability: ≤0.01%F.S

  6. Lag: ≤0.03%F.S

  7. Creep(30 minutes: ≤0.02%F.S

  8. Effect of temperature on the zero output: ≤±0.015%F.S/10℃

  9. Effect of temperature on the sensitivity of the output: ≤±0.011%F.S/10℃

  10. Temperature Compensate Range: -10~+40℃Temperature Range: -35~+70℃

  11. Recommended Excitation Voltage: 6-15(VDC)(digital) Max. Excitation Voltage: 18(VDC)

  12. Safety Overload Range: 150%FS Limit Overload Range: 300%FS

Standard Parts and accessories:

Part Name

Key Specification


Weighing platform modules

Size options: 3X4m, 3X5m, 3X5.7m

Depends on whole scale length

Load cells

Accuracy garde: OIML R60 C3
Material: steel alloy
With 16m cables

4~ 10pcs (Depends on whole scale length)

Weighing indicator

Digital or Analog type with embedded printer
Interface: RS232C/ RS422/ RS485
External printer port
Data management & records

One piece

Junction box

Material: Stainless steel
Connecting to 8 load cells

One piece

Signal Cable

Connect Junction box to Indicator
10m RVVP 6*0.5m signal cable

One set

Optional accessories:

Part Name

Key Specification


Large screen display

Showing weight to driver

One piece

External printer

As per required

One piece

Lightning protection device

In case Application in lightning area

One piece


As per required

One set


As per required

One piece

Weighing Management Software

Zonjli weighing management software for data management, analysis, and recording.

One copy

Rail and ramp

Guiding the driver to right place for weighing

One set

Signal light

Guiding drivers weigh in queue

One set

Surge protector

In case input power supply is not stable

One piece

Extensional Intelligent Sytem Solutions:

Product Name

Extra parts or system

Product Features

Automatic Vehicle Weighing System (AVS)

Signal lights, Barrier system, management software, ANPR camera system, computer, infrared positioning system, smart card system.

1.Automatic weighing with fraud protection
2.Remote controlling and management of weighing data
3.Unmanned operation

Truck Toll System

Fee displayer,wheel identifier, control cabinet,ground sense coil,infrared vehicle separator, management software,ANPR camera system,computer,smart card system.

1.Automatic weighing in toll booth
2.Remote controlling and management of weighing data
3.Unmanned operation

weighing platform
Welding platform design is standardizing, modularized, serialized, it can form to a variety of models freely, the system selects high precision double shear beam or column weighing sensors, weighing indicator has rich features, strong storage and with a battery that can continue using when the power off, as well as a high precision, low temperature drift and stronger anti-interference stainless steel waterproof junction box, and signal shielded cable to make the measurement system multifunctional and reliable.

Weighing platform
Specification and Basic Parameter
Note: Special sizes could be customized according to customer’s requirement.


Truck scale Technical Index and Function Feature

ZONJLI had researched and developed new type module U beam structure truck scale---H2 series truck scale, which adopts advanced technology from domestic and overseas, all truck scale is equipped with high precision weighing load cell and intelligent weighing indicator, which has following features:


ZONJLI all truck scale’s structure adopts U beam steel structure and compose anisotropic closed cavity, making local compressive stiffness of weighing platform panel is stronger than any other structure, which is greatly improve the ability of torsion resistance and lateral force resistance.


H series electronic truck scale capacity range is 20t~120t, through corresponding module combination, we can meet the customer’s requirement who need truck scale with different length, width and axle-loading, we provides the shortest delivery time via efficient batch production line.


ZONJLI have Horizontal Shot Blast Cleaning Machine, Numerical Control Sheet Metal Bending Machine with 7 meters length, Numerical Control Hydraulic Guillotine Shear with 7 meters length, Multi-head Automatic Welding Machine, Numerical Control Cutting Machine, Carbon Dioxide Gas Shielded Welding Machine Automatically, Electric Paint Sprayer, etc. which make ZONJLI to be the leader in truck scale field. Moreover, mature production technology and strict quality control system guarantee superior truck scale will be supplied to every customer.

Advantage of weighing platform

1.U beam designed by stress analysis software ensure good whole structure under heavy duty.

2.Strong and good carbon steel made weighing platform, designed lifespan more than 10years.

3.Good user feedback from Minebea Intec, Sinotec, Jiangxi Copper Corp., SINOMA, CHEMCHINA, AVIC, and etc.

4.Continuously improved quality with efforts from 50engineers and clients.

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