200 Ton Electronic Dynamic Railway Scale

200 Ton Electronic Dynamic Railway Scale

200 ton electronic dynamic railway scale Structural Composition Static electronic railway scale is composed of platform, load cell, junction box, indicator; In addition,it also include weighing rail,approach rail,approach rail's embedded frame,rail clamping device, anti-creeper, limit......

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200 ton electronic dynamic railway scale 

Structural Composition

Static electronic railway scale is composed of platform, load cell, junction box, indicator; In addition,it also include weighing rail,approach rail,approach rail's embedded frame,rail clamping device, anti-creeper, limit device, overload protection device, steel rail pressure buckle installation accessories


Other external option

1. Computer, Scoreboard,Printer, Weighing Management Software

2. Specification. The length of railway scale mainly have five standard specifications


3. Width is 1.435m according to standard track gauge

4. Max.Capacity 100t、150t、200t


Specification Sheet


Model No.

Max. Capacity


Platform length
































Railway Scale Structure Feature

1. Set up  overload damage limit protection to protect platofrm and ensure truck will not happen overthrow when having accident

2. With safe and reliable limit device

3. Weighing platform rail installation surface, the steel rail is reach to board to ensure steel rail position is fixed well, will not move

4. Set up anti-climb device to ensure steel rail will not move in longitudinal direction

5. Using high quality steel material to ensure platform quality

6. Using high-grade paint,epoxy zinc rich primer and acrylic polyurethane surface coating ,which greatly enhance resistance to rust and corrosion

7. Using submerged arc welding and CO2 和CO2 shielded welding to ensure welding quality.

Electronic Railway Scale customer Demand Confirmation List

Product basic requirement


The new electronic railway scale           

Upgrading and rebuilding the old railway scale

Weighing object

To weight the vehicle which loading solid bulk cargo

To weigh canned car which loading liquid goods   

Max Capacity

100t      150t      200t  Other*___________

Digital railway scale    Analog Railway scale

Why are you buy the railway scale

Trade settlement weighing 

Enterprise internal process weighing 

Vehicle model and specification

Standard 4 axles vehicle

Standard 4 axles tank car 


Steel rail specification

43kg/m         50kg/m         Other*__________

Railway profile parameter or provide diagram

Working width__________

Railway total height__________

Rail foot width __________

Railway gauge

Center distance of two railway__________

Traction haulage motor type

Electronic haulage motor  

Internal combustion locomotive


Traction haulage motor total weight_________(t)

Cable length from platform to warehouse

(Distance between Junction box to industrial person computer)

10m           15m           30m           Other_________

Linear distance at both ends of weighing platform

>50m        >25m      Other ____________

Electronic railway scale installation location

Special railway cable

Branch line        

Main line

Train speed ( Non-weighing speed)

30km/h <30km/h       20km/h <20km/h   ____________

Foundation pit form

(0.8m) Shallow foundation pit form(0.8m)

(1.8m)  Deep foundation pit (1.8m) 


Railway gauge (Note: the distance between steel rail, but not include steel itself width)

□610mm、 □762mm、 □891 mm、 □1000 mm、 □1067 mm、 □1372 mm、

□1435 mm、□1524 mm、□1880 mm、□2141 mm

Railway scale length

□ 12.5m(optimization)  、□ 13.5m  、 □ 14.0m 、 □14.5m、 rother_____

 Optional accessories

□ need weighing steel rail      □ not need weighing steel rail 

□    need approach steel rail       □ not need approach road rail

□   need embedded approach rail

□ not need embedded approach rail

□   need rail fastener             □ not need rail fastener 

installation address (country and city)


Dimension confirmation


A=_______     B=_______     C=_______    


Other requirement

Optional component

Don’t need vehicle automatic recognition system 

Need vehicle automatic recognition system 

Approach rail will produced by user according to drawing        

Approach rail will be purchased from our company

Special requirement

Come true weighing system and user’s network connection

Steel rail supply

a) Weighing rail:   Provide by our company    Provided by User

b)Approach rail:    Provide by our company     Provided by User

Non-standard length configuration requirement _________ 

(Railway scale installation location basic requirement: 1. Making it easy for user to measure operation control. 2. Railway scale is best place to the flat road, the front road of railway scale need to more than 25 meters, the back road of railway scale also need to more than 25 meters.3. Railway scale location can’t be located at the foot of the mountain or water will pass when heavy rain, it should be select slightly high place.4.The power supply can’t be shared with other large equipment, required supply voltage is stable)


Advantage of Zonjli railway scale

1. Highest quality assumed by 50+ senior engineers of mechanical, electronic and software. And one of OEM factory of Minebea Intec.

2. Largest production capability, 3000 sets of weighbridge per year.

3. High processing precision, 2 production lines from LVD group and several automatic welding, painting machines.

4. 40+ countries exporting experience since 2002.

5. High company fame since 1999, public listed in Shanghai share market, widely cooperate with Minebea Intec and Simens.


Quality control

1. Quality policy: employee is the basic, respect customer, whole staff participation, scientific management, quality priority, continual improvement

2. Quality audit: Enforce strictly ISO9001 quality system and 5S on-site management mode, supervise the product quality through effective system

3. Professional R&D staff and technical staff ensure that the product design is scientificity and rationality

4. The first class production equipment and technological process ensure product quality

5. Full capacity weight debugging rigorous testing system ensures product’s accuracy


Our Certificate

1. ISO9001:2008

2. OHSAS18001:2007

3. ISO14001:2004

4. CE

5. Vice Chairman Unit of CWIA,

6. Member of Technical Expert Committee from CWIA,

7. Member of National Weighing Apparatus Standardization Technical Committee,

8.  Pioneer Company in Nanchang Hi-tech District,

9. Outstanding Contribution Company in Nanchang Hi-tech District,

10. Grade A Trust Company by Jiangxi Province Government,

11. Good Trust Company by Nanchang City Government,

12. Qualified Military Supplier by PLA

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