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Zonjli Customized Truck Scale Got The Approval Of Slovenian Customer
Aug 28, 2018


At the beginning of this year, the International Trade Department received an inquiry of truck scale from a Slovenian customer, and proposed to design it according to the customer's requirement, and the surface of the scale body needs to be galvanized.

Due to the fact that almost no customers have ever requested such a large area of galvanizing on the platform, the qualification examination of galvanizing suppliers is very strict under the strictly environment protection of government. However, in order to solve the problem for customers, we contacted and inspected, and finally found a galvanized supplier that meets the requirements and determined to provide services according to the special needs of customers.

Our dedicated service and reasonable offer made our customers very satisfied, we quickly signed the sales contract for two truck scales with them.

Due to the special structure of the truck scale platform, the galvanizing production process must be fully considered when designing the product. After many times of communication, modification and improvement with the process engineer of the galvanizing plant, the design and production of the weighing platform structure was finally completed.

We specially arranged inspector to the site to check the galvanizing process to ensure the quality, meanwhile, the supplier also arranged a senior engineer to guide the production. After the scale body was galvanized and returned to the company, to prevent the scale body from being deformed due to galvanization, the threaded hole is blocked, and the installation is misplaced, we have made a solution for pre-assembling all the scales in our production workshop, to ensure that all threaded holes can be screwed on, and all connecting plates, mounting plates and so on can be docked smoothly.

The two truck scales were installed and put into usage at the customer site recently, the feedback from the customers was very satisfactory. From the inquiry to the completion of the on-site installation process, we have been adhering to the "three special" ideas of professional products, expert programs, professional services to serve customers, and finally got the customer's approval. Customer satisfaction is our business value, and we serve our customers with our heart and help our customers solve problems and get rewards.

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