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Very High Requirements For Detail
Jul 11, 2018

Electronic trucks have extremely high requirements for details, so they are also very important for power supply, and it is not so simple. Today, Xiaobian will tell you about the issue of the power supply of electronic truck scales. 

Power problems with electronic truck scales: 

(1) The power supply should be equipped with a voltage regulator. The power range of the weighing instrument is typically between 187V and 242V. If the meter is outside this range, the instrument will not function properly and there is a risk of damage. 

(2) The power supply should use the lighting power supply and cannot be connected to the power cord. This is because the voltage of the power line is unstable. When the power supply is turned off, the instantaneous voltage rises abruptly, which can easily damage the weighing instrument and the sensor. 

(3) The weighing instrument should have good grounding. If the ground of the regulated power supply can be transmitted to the weighing instrument, the weighing ground is good. 

(4) The power supply of the bell jar should not be shared with the power supply of the weighing instrument. It is necessary to draw power from another phase line. Because the bell is working, it produces a sensing potential of several thousand volts. Symmetrical heavy instruments are very disadvantageous. In severe cases, the weighing instrument and sensor will be damaged. 

(5) Do not energize the neutral line of the power supply. The neutral line cannot be connected to the ground line, otherwise the sensor of the display meter may be damaged.

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