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The Level Of Process Equipment Has Been Advanced
Jul 11, 2018

1) Unbalanced development and low overall product level. Although the products of individual enterprises have reached a fairly high level, some products of individual enterprises have reached or are close to the international level. However, in general, the accuracy of the surface area of the platform, the production cycle, the life expectancy and other indicators are compared with the advanced level in foreign countries. There is still a big gap. The overall level, including production methods and business management, has a gap of more than 10 years compared with developed industrial countries.

(2) The process equipment is backward and the organization and coordination ability is poor. Although some enterprises have undergone technological transformation in recent years, the level of process equipment has been relatively advanced, but most of the enterprise's process equipment is still relatively backward. What's more important is that our company's organizational coordination ability is poor, it is difficult to integrate or mobilize social resources for my use, so it is difficult to undertake larger projects.

(3) Most enterprises have weak development capabilities. On the one hand, the proportion of technicians is low and the level is not high enough. On the other hand, there is less investment in scientific research and development. More importantly, the concept is backward and the development is not paid enough attention.

(4) Management is more backward than technology. Backward technology is often easy to see, and management is sometimes difficult to recognize. The gap in the management of weighbridge enterprises at home and abroad is very obvious, and the problems caused by the management gap are often more serious than the technical gap.

(5) The market demand is strong, and the development of production is still difficult to keep up with. The contradiction between supply and demand is still difficult to solve. The situation of short supply will continue for some time, especially in the case of high-end products.

(6) The solution to the system and talent issues will take time. In the socialist market economy, in the process of economic globalization, competitive industries, especially those like the weighbridge, which rely on special users and require single-piece production, many companies’ current systems and operating mechanisms are still difficult to adapt to change. Market. The quantity and quality of talents cannot keep up with the rapid development of the industry. Although all localities are working hard to solve these two problems, it will take time to get a better solution.

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