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Stable Performance And Easy Maintenance
Jul 11, 2018

Analog electronic truck scale, a type of weighbridge. Because the sensor output signal is a common millivolt voltage signal (also known as analog signal), this type of truck scale is the most widely used standard conventional electronic truck scale in all walks of life.

Analog electronic truck scales generally use standard bridge/column type weighing sensors, and the scale platform realizes modular series design. The structure is reasonable and the technology is advanced, suitable for large-scale production, and the quality is stable and reliable.

The weighing is fast and accurate, easy to operate and use, simple to install and maintain, suitable for weighing and measuring various types of trucks in metallurgy, mining, machinery, chemical, port and other factories and mines and material warehouses.

The weighing platform is designed, manufactured, modularized, standardized, and serialized, and can be freely composed of various specifications. The system uses high-precision shear beam type, column type, bridge type, digital load cell and weighing function display instrument with rich functions and strong storage function to form a multi-functional weighing and measuring system. The overall truck scale system has superior metering performance, high accuracy, long-term stability, and convenient installation, commissioning and maintenance.

Good anti-interference performance, signal transmission over long distances.

The most widely used, advantageous price, stable performance and easy maintenance.

Basic type: traditional structure, accurate measurement, stable performance and easy maintenance.

Modular type: new structure, serialized, standardized production, stable and reliable use.

Standard type: measurement standard, stable performance and easy maintenance.

Heavy-duty type: reinforced structure design, long service life and superior system performance.

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