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Should Be Checked Regularly
Jul 11, 2018

Electronic platform scales, also known as weighbridges, are the main weighing equipment used for the measurement of bulk goods, such as factories, mines, merchants, etc. The following small series introduces you to the system maintenance of electronic platform scales.

(1) After the instrument is installed, the instructions, certificate, installation drawing and other materials should be properly stored and verified by the local metrology department or the nationally recognized metrology department before they can be put into use.

(2) Before the system is powered on, it is necessary to check whether the grounding device of the power supply is feasible; after the machine is shut down, the power must be cut off.

(3) Before using the instrument, check whether the scale body is flexible and whether the performance of each component is good.

(4) The weighing display controller must be warmed up first, usually about 30 minutes.

(5) In order to ensure accurate measurement of the system, there should be lightning protection facilities. When welding near the weighing instrument, it is strictly forbidden to use the weighing platform for grounding of the neutral wire to prevent damage to electrical components.

(6) For the ground scale installed in the field, the drainage device in the foundation pit should be inspected regularly to avoid blockage.

(7) To keep the junction box dry, once the junction box is immersed in humid air and water droplets, blow dry with a hair dryer.

(8) In order to ensure the normal measurement of the instrument, it should be calibrated regularly.

(9) When lifting heavy objects, there should be no impact phenomenon; when measuring heavy objects, it should not exceed the rated capacity of the system.

(10) The axle load of the truck scale is related to the sensor capacity and the distance of the sensor fulcrum. The general truck scale prohibits the short-wheelbase vehicle such as the forklift that is close to the maximum weighing.

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