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Improve Metering Accuracy And Reduce Weighing Error
Jul 11, 2018

The portable truck scale that is electronically modified should be a qualified portable truck scale. Therefore, the portable truck scale should be fully overhauled before the transformation. And should be fully verified in accordance with the verification procedures to achieve compliance. The modified scale can still be used and used as a portable truck scale, so it can be repaired at any time according to the requirements of the portable truck scale. Used as a portable truck scale. The maintenance and inspection sensor system only acts as a tie rod, regardless of its presence.

Configure the lever: The length of the entire sensor system is adjusted as long as possible. The difference between the inner lengths of the hooks (rings) should not be as large as 1 mm, otherwise it will cause some changes in the performance of the original portable truck scale. The adjusted length of the sensor system replaces the original tie rod on the portable truck scale. You can use a small jack to lift the last stage lever and then replace it. Pay attention to the sensor and its wires after installation. Do not touch the surrounding objects. Free hanging state.

Sensor to meter connection: The sensor is connected using a 9-pin connector. The sensor quad shield cable connector welded to the sensor signal (and the + E + S; -E and -S shorted). Figure 2 shows the meaning of each angle. The sensor plug is connected to the sensor socket on the weighing instrument, and the fastening rod is tightened. Then connect the printer and connect the power supply. The ground wire on the power socket must be well grounded. The grounding resistance should be less than 10 ohms.

After the electronic truck retrofit is installed, the gain factor and parameter settings of the meter must be calibrated for normal use. Usually these are set by the debugger. Once these parameters are set, they are generally not allowed to change. Therefore, the adjustment and parameter setting of the instrument are entered by password. After entering this program, you can change the password and the original password will automatically expire.

Before calibrating the meter gain and setting the instrument parameters, the front panel of the meter should be removed. A short-circuit plug in the middle and lower part of the board should be inserted on the left side during debugging. Otherwise, the debugging or parameter setting is invalid. After debugging or setting the parameters, insert this plug on the right to prevent the interference and destroy the parameters.

3. Technical transformation improves measurement accuracy, reduces weighing error, and makes good external measurement

The modified track scale is less expensive than building a new electronic scale. Digital display and automatic printing avoid human error. The digital information can be conveniently transmitted over long distances, enabling centralized statistical management of information. The accuracy of weighing is 2 times higher than that before the transformation. And in the use of continuous improvement, the installation of automatic control part, eliminating the phenomenon of mis-installation, reducing the labor intensity of the loader does not have to unload the car. The metering staff does not need to manually dial when they are overweight, and automatic metering is achieved. The pounding efficiency is increased by 3 times. It eliminates human factors such as improper operation and inaccurate reading, and ensures accurate and reliable weighing data.

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