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High Precision, Good Stability And Easy Operation
Jul 11, 2018

The truck scale is also known as the weighbridge. It is the main weighing equipment used for the measurement of bulk goods such as factories, mines and merchants. A common truck scale before the 1980s is also known as a mechanical weighbridge. In the mid-1980s, with the maturity of high-precision load cell technology, mechanical floor scales were gradually replaced by electronic truck scales with high precision, good stability and easy operation.

Digital electronic truck scale solves the problem of weak signal transmission and interference--Digital communication 1 The output signal of analog sensor is generally tens of millivolts at most. During the transmission of these weak signals, the cable is easily interfered, which causes the system to work. Stable or reduced measurement accuracy. The output signal of the digital sensor is about 3-4V, and its anti-interference ability is much more than hundreds of times of the analog signal, which solves the problem of weak transmission signal and interference.

2 RS485 bus technology is adopted to realize long-distance transmission of signals, and the transmission distance is not less than 1000 meters;

The 3 bus structure facilitates the application of multiple load cells, and up to 32 load cells can be connected in the same system.

Use and maintenance of electronic scales

First, check whether there is any cargo on the weighing platform before starting the machine, whether the connection between the sensor signal cable and the instrument is correct, and whether the weight of the weighing body is flexible.

Second, turn on the power, preheat the meter (15-30 minutes), observe whether the meter self-test is normal.

3. When weighing, the goods should be handled with care, and the goods should be placed in the middle position of the weighing platform. The overweight cargo and the car are not allowed to be scaled.

4. When the truck scale is weighed, it should be slowed down and down, and it is not allowed to brake on the weighing platform.

5. After the weighing is completed, the goods and vehicles should be removed in time. It is not allowed to stay on the weighing platform for a long time to avoid damage to the sensor due to long-term pressure.

6. When the instrument is deactivated, the power should be turned off first, and the power plug should be unplugged; it should be deactivated when it is raining and thundering to avoid damage to the instrument and sensor.

7. Regularly clean foreign matter and dust between the scale body and the foundation and around it to prevent the foreign matter from colliding with the scale body, resulting in inaccurate weighing.

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