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Corrosion Resistance, Structural Stability
Jul 11, 2018

The installation position of the electronic platform should have a good drainage channel. The installation location should not be lower than the surrounding area. Otherwise, it will be caused by low ground, causing water when it rains, flooding the ground scale and damaging the sensor. For shallow foundation pits, drainage channels should be provided. In addition, the two ends must have a straight road of sufficient length for the car to be lifted up and down, and the straight ends at both ends should be at least equal to the length of the weighing platform.

Reduced accuracy, shortened service life, etc., anti-corrosion ability, structural stability, self-importance, positioning accuracy, no deformation, maintenance-free, suitable for public pound stations, chemical companies, port terminals, refrigeration industry, etc. Industry.

1 Lightning strike: Thunderstorms cause lightning strikes on steel structure trucks, causing unnecessary damage to electronic components. Concrete scales are non-conducting, allowing customers to reduce damage to sensors, weighing displays, and junction boxes. .

2 Strong anti-corrosion ability: Concrete can resist chemical corrosion, especially suitable for chemical erosion, especially suitable for wet places on the seashore.

3 Anti-rust and maintenance-free: Concrete is resistant to moisture and oxidation. Concrete scales are not rusted like steel scales, and do not need to be painted and maintained annually.

4 Use Life Long: One top three. The concrete material has high strength, good rigidity, wear resistance, pressure resistance, acid resistance and alkali resistance. The general life span is sixty or seventy years and the steel scale platform has a typical life of only one or twenty years, so it is more than three times the life of the steel platform. .

5 Good quality stability: self-important, not squatting, positioning accurate (swinging small), no deformation, good accuracy and stability.

6 Lifting convenience: Modular production makes lifting easy.

7 Recycling High value: The price/performance ratio is very high, the quality and function far exceed the iron pound, but the price is equivalent to the iron pound. The 30-year-old cement pound can be sold for half the price at the time of purchase, and is always a product.

8 International Trends: Cement electronic platform scales have become very popular abroad, and they have entered the universal use stage, which can make up for the defects of all-steel structure scales. It is an inevitable trend to replace the steel structure floor scales.

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