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Better Overall Performance And Better Environmental Adaptability
Jul 11, 2018

With the development of electronic technology, "digital technology" has also entered the field of metrological weighing. "Digital truck scale" represents the most advanced technology level of electronic truck scale. It uses advanced digital smart load cells and digital The weighing display instrument makes the overall performance of the truck scale better, the environment adaptability is stronger, the weighing degree is more intelligent, which greatly enhances the high-tech quality of the electronic truck scale, and makes the electronic truck scale embark on the digital road. .

Distinctive features of digital truck scales:

Solving the eccentricity error, the four-corner adjustment is more convenient: the digital truck scale can automatically compensate and adjust the effects due to the eccentric load and temperature and temperature changes, and change the manual adjustment resistors in the past. The computer can encode the digital signals output by each sensor and Identification, automatically adjust the angular difference with software to make error adjustment easier and more accurate.

With fault self-diagnosis capability: Digital truck scale has advanced man-machine dialogue interface, self-diagnosis function is prominent, and the working condition of truck scale can be continuously detected during use. When sensor fault is detected, error signal can be issued in time to accurately judge The point of failure avoids the loss caused by the failure.

Strong anti-interference ability: Most of the electronic components of the digital sensor are installed in the sensor shielding body. The highly integrated and intelligent processing unit, independent A/D converter and digital signal output port eliminate the long-distance transmission. The voltage signal is low and susceptible to interference.

Eliminate cheating: the digital signal is protected by a password during transmission, which avoids the remote control of the truck scale and eliminates the phenomenon of cheating.

The lightning protection capability is outstanding: the lightning protection design of the internal PCB of the sensor improves the lightning protection capability of the system.

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