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Above Ground Or In Ground Foundation- How Do I Decide?
Jan 18, 2019


We install truck scales above ground with approach ramps, or in a pit, level with the surrounding terrain. The type of scale and foundation installation is dependent upon the location and the traffic pattern needed. Below is a comparison chart for the two types of foundations. Check out the chart or contact the Quality Scales Unlimited sales team to see what truck scale will work best for you!

In Ground Versus Above Ground

In Ground FoundationAbove Ground Foundation
CostMore costly due to additional grading reinforced steel and concreteLess costly due to less construction and foundation work
Scale Service & RepairsIn some cases more costly due to confined area restrictions which often require gas detection devices and operator safety harnesses to be usedNo confined space entry required; can be serviced from the deck of the scale
CleaningDone manually; can be time consumingQuick and easy; done with a water hose or air compressor from the side of the scale
Scale InspectionPerformed from inside the in ground pitCan be performed above ground
Restrictions or hazardsSome states require specified clearances underneath the scale; may require compliance with OSHA and confined space regulationsSome states have specified clearances required underneath the scale
Approaches10 feet; flat and levelRamps
Ramp RequirementsNone needed; flat approachTypically ~20 feet on each end of the scale; requires more real estate to install and operate
Electrical RequirementsNeeded for sump pump if no gravity drain is presentNone; no sump pump or drainage needed

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