Unmanned Intelligent Weighing Management System

Unmanned Intelligent Weighing Management System

Unmanned Intelligent Weighing Management System AVS Name Specification AVS Configuration Instruction AVS Optional Components What puzzles do you have with the weighing measure of simple truck scale? Unmanned Intelligent Weighing Management System Bring more benefits to you System Composition 1.......

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Unmanned Intelligent Weighing Management System 

AVS Name Specification


AVS Configuration Instruction



AVS Optional Components



What puzzles do you have with the weighing measure of simple truck scale?


Unmanned Intelligent Weighing Management System


Bring more benefits to you



System Composition

1. Weighing

Composition: platform, load cell, indicator;

Function: defect weighing signal; display data, signal transmission

2. Vehicle guiding

Composition: traffic signal light, vehicle detector, baluster, voice system;

Function: guild vehicle up and down in order

3. Vehicle management


Function: detect vehicle’s, stop position, prevent vehicle cheating, provide license plate snapshot, trigger signal, control balauter is turned on or off;
Optoelectronic switch.

4. Auxiliary equipment

5. Computer

6. Monitor


How to prevent cheating?


One vehicle


Two vehicle


Vehicle position detection to prevent cheating



Vehicle information management system

IC Card Reader:

Induction distance 0~50mm

The driver has to stop and brush card

RFID Card reader:

Induction distance: 0~8m

Automatically brush

Card, automatically induct by the sequence in order of vehicle enter


Monitor system

The maximum resolution can be 1280 x 960, and the real-time image can be output at this resolution.

Support for digital reduction noise function

High efficiency infrared lamp, long service life.

Irradiation distance can reach to 20-30(50)m

ICR infrared filter automatic switch to realize real day and night monitoring

Comply with IP66 dust - proof and waterproof design, high reliability

Support backlight compensation, automatic electronic shutter function, adapt to different monitoring environments.


Computer system

Basic configuration


Operation system:Windows7/ XP

Display:18.5″LCD or choose other

Extended serial card, software, etc.


Weighing software


Software main function

1. Operation interface. Graphical structure; Friendly interface;

2. Weighing process. The weighing process is automatically completed and can be switched to manual weighing;

3. Hint function. Graphical prompt; Voice prompt

4. Information management. SQL-Server structure database; Powerful data management ability;

5. Inquiry function. Native query; Web query.


System structure drawing



AVS update



Product Application and Application Cases

1. Mine, electricity

2. Large industry

3. Garbage disposal plant

4. Grain and oil, food and fodder processing


Product Advantage and Economic Benefit Analysis

1. Technical advantage

2. Quality advantage

3. Brand advantage

4. Serve advantage


SMAVS Feature

1. Automatically weighing, Advanced technology

2. ETC Function, Vehicle information management function is powerful

3. HD network video, Strong Expanded Function

4. Personalized customization, According to customer process requirements, Quick, flexible


SMAVS Apply economic benefit analysis

1. To reduce or eliminate the staff

2. Improve work performance

3. Prevent cheating

4. Reduced operating cost

5. Ensure data is accurate and fair

6. Remote query, centralized management

7. Data provenance

8. Faster go through

9. To the benefit of factory production standardization

10. To the benefit of improving the management level of enterprises

11. Plug the human operation loophole

12. Improved enterprise automation level

13. Provide data support for cost accounting

14. To the benefit of safety production

15. To the benefit of improving the competitiveness of enterprises

16. Improve operational efficiency

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