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Use a wide range of strain test components
Jul 11, 2018

1. Weighbridge manufacturers analyze the phenomenon of the weighbridge burned

(1) There is interference source at the site, and the anti-jamming capability of the weighbridge cannot meet the requirements of the site conditions, resulting in unstable data of the weighbridge.

(2) The instrument related device or protection device is burned, with or without burning marks.

(3) The strain gage or protection device of one or more sensors is burned with or without burn marks.

2. Analysis of the causes of the burning of the weighbridge

2.1. Analysis of the floor scale sensor

The load cell realizes weight-to-electrical signal conversion by a Wheatstone bridge composed of a resistance strain gauge. The resistance strain gauge is a sensitive component that converts the strain of the test piece into a resistance change amount by utilizing the strain effect of the resistance. It is the most widely used strain test component. The maximum working current of the foil strain gauge is generally 75~100m A. The load voltage of the load cell is generally not more than 15V. The test shows that the sensor with output resistance is 350ft. Apply 50V AC on the power supply side, it can burn out in a short time; if 90V is applied, it will burn out instantly; if 1.2/50 microsecond lightning wave is applied, it will burn out instantly at 1500V, so-called burnout is One or more strain gauges in the sensor are blown out and cannot form a Wheatstone bridge, causing the sensor to have no normal output. The burn-in load cells burned in the above tests are exactly the same as those used in the field to burn the load cells. This shows from one side that the main culprit in burning the load cell is the voltage is too large.

2.2. Analysis of symmetric heavy instruments

The weighing instrument is an important part of the weighbridge, such as the human brain. It mainly consists of the input interface that receives the load cell signal, the internal computer, the display, the keyboard, and the output interface that transmits the weighing data information. The maintenance situation is analyzed, and the ratio of the input interface and the output interface of the instrument is high, mainly because the device is damaged, and if it is serious, it will burn out. From the phenomenon analysis, the main instrument is the impact of high voltage and high current. The path analysis is mainly through the ground line and interface data line.

2.3. Analysis of the weighbridge

The weighbridge is mainly composed of a carrier (weighing platform), load cells, weighing instruments and computer peripherals. For large scales such as electronic truck scales, it is mainly installed outdoors. The weighing platform and sensors are outdoors, and the scales are larger. The distance, the long data line and the main use in factories, mines, enterprises, the industrial environment in which the weighbridge is located is complex and bad, and the power quality is poor, so it is easily affected by the external environment.

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