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Smooth and reliable, the sensor and the ruler are in good contact
Jul 11, 2018

The digital electronic truck scale consists of a weighing platform, an analog load cell, a digital weighing display, and a digital junction box. Digital electronic truck scale is an intermediate product in the digital technology transformation of analog electronic truck scale. Due to the digital technology of the junction box, the digital load cell is omitted, so the price is related to the direct use of the digital load cell. It is much lower and is one of the methods used by many SMEs in China. This technology combines the electrical signal output, filtering and A/D conversion of the sensor output. The electronic components are assembled in a junction box. In the junction box, electronic components such as a microprocessor and a large-capacity memory are added for wiring. The box has the function of digitizing analog signals.

When the load cargo enters the carrier, the analog power signal is generated by the analog load cell and input to the digital junction box. The analog signal is converted to a digital electrical signal by amplification, filtering, and A/D conversion in the junction box. For digital weighing displays, the signals are processed by a microprocessor (CPU) in the digital weighing display to display data such as the weight of the car.

Digital electronic truck scale features:

Since the signal output from the weighing platform is a digital signal, temperature performance, creep and hysteresis are significantly better than analog electronic truck scales, and because data transmission uses digital signal transmission, it not only increases the transmission distance, but also makes it usable for weighing. system.

Digital electronic truck scale body installation method:

The installation method of the electronic truck scale is the same as that of the ordinary analog truck scale. It also needs to be smooth and reliable, the sensor and the scale are in good contact, and the stress on each sensor is relatively uniform.

Individual users have the wrong view that electronic truck scales are considered digital and have a very wide range of adjustments, so there is no need to strictly require each digital sensor to be evenly stressed. The digital adjustment range of the electronic truck scale is indeed very large, and can be corrected regardless of the force difference of the sensor; however, field experience proves that the result of this debugging is temporary, after a period of use, the angle difference and linearity More severe changes will occur, resulting in poor measurement accuracy.

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