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Portable, long life, waterproof
Jul 11, 2018

With the development of wireless communication technology, the real-time weighing demand of parcels in domestic and international express delivery services, together with the detection of items in the process of express delivery, the detection of packet loss, and the weighing of large air humidity, etc. A portable waterproof platform is needed.

Based on Bluetooth wireless communication technology, the single-chip STC89C52 is used as the control core, plus data acquisition, amplification circuit, keyboard display, power supply components, waterproof casing, etc., to realize a portable waterproof Bluetooth platform software and hardware design. The electronic scale has the advantages of being portable, long-life, waterproof, wireless transmission, etc., and has certain promotion and application value. Weighbridge is an electronic weighing device developed using sensor technology, electronic technology and computer technology. It can weigh quickly, continuously, automatically and accurately, and can effectively eliminate human error. Electronic scales have been widely used in social life, industrial and commercial trade, energy transportation, metallurgical mining, light industry food, medical and health, aerospace and other fields. The traditional electronic scale mainly realizes weighing and real-time weight data, and when some electronic scales with RS232/Ethernet communication interface transmit weighing data, they have the disadvantages of troublesome cable laying and inconvenient mobile weighing due to cable communication. With the development of wireless communication technology, it is of practical significance to develop electronic scales with wireless communication interfaces to promote the development of data communication to wireless data transmission. Especially with the development of domestic and international express delivery business. Express parcel express parcels are convenient to weigh in the process of sending and receiving anytime and anywhere. In the process of express logistics, the monitoring of items, bagging, etc., and the weighing of large air humidity, etc., are urgently needed to develop a portable Waterproof Bluetooth weighbridge, the successful development of the weighbridge will have great social application value.

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