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Maintain ideal use and easy maintenance
Jul 11, 2018

The basis of the truck scale is an important part of ensuring the accuracy and stability of the truck scale. The truck scale is divided into two types: shallow foundation pit type and foundation pit type. The shallow foundation pit foundation: the installed scale body is flush with the ground. The advantage is that it takes up less space and the car is more convenient to use. Special attention must be paid to drainage and drying in the scale pit. The scale body without foundation pit installation will be higher than the ground, so it is necessary to make the slope that can make the car up and down, so it takes up a large space, but its good ventilation and dry environment can ensure that the truck scale is always in the ideal state of use. And easy to maintain.

Knowledge about truck scales: 1. The state's regulations on the maximum range error of electronic truck scales:

1. For the first verification of electronic truck scale: 0 ≤ m ≤ 500, the maximum error is +0.5e; 500 ≤ 2000, the maximum allowable error is +1.0e; 2000 ≤ 10000, the maximum allowable range is +1.5e;

2. The subsequent verification of the electronic truck scale: the maximum allowable error is also the above standard.

3. In-use verification of the electronic truck scale: The maximum allowable error of the in-use test is twice the maximum allowable error of the first test.

    Second, check whether the electronic truck scale weighing error is within the specified range:

1. Perform a repeatability test: perform multiple weighings on the same load capacity, and the difference between the results obtained should not be greater than the absolute value of the maximum allowable error of the scale.

2. Carry out the eccentric load experiment: the value displayed by the same weight at different positions is not more than the maximum allowable error of the weighing.

    Third, the scale that needs to be verified:

1. Newly manufactured or newly installed scales

2. Scales just imported from abroad

3. Verification of the full scale of the scale

4. Repaired scales

5. Scales that need to be verified according to user requirements or for some reason that the seal or seal is invalid

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