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Improve driving safety
Jul 11, 2018

There are many types of loaders. According to the engine power, it can be divided into four types: small (power less than 74 kW), medium (power between 74 and 147 kW), large (power between 147 and 515 kW) and extra large (power greater than 515 kW) loaders. According to the structure of the walking system, it can be divided into two types: a tire type and a crawler type. Among them, the wheel loader can be divided into three types according to its frame structure and steering mode, which can be divided into an articulated frame folding waist, an overall frame deflection wheel and a differential steering loader. According to the unloading method, it can be divided into two types: front discharge type (front end type) loader and rotary type loader. According to the characteristics of the operation process, it can be divided into intermittent operation type (such as single bucket loader) and continuous action type (such as spiral type, disc type, rotary type, etc.) loader. When the loader loads materials, its technical and economic indicators depend to a large extent on the mode of operation. Common working methods include I-shaped working method, V-shaped working method and L-shaped working method. How to choose a loader?

Generally speaking, the following four principles must be followed:

1. Selection of the model: It is mainly selected and determined according to the operation and use. Generally, operations are carried out in quarries and soft bases, and crawler loaders are often used.

2, the choice of power: generally use engineering machinery with diesel engines, operating in special areas, such as altitudes above 3000m, should use a special high-prototype diesel engine.

3, the choice of transmission type: generally use hydraulic-mechanical transmission. The key component is the choice of the torque converter form. At present, the loaders produced in China mostly use twin-turbo, single-stage two-phase liquid torque devices.

4. When selecting the loader, fully consider the braking performance of the loader, including multiple brakes, parking brakes and emergency brakes. The brakes are hoofed, caliper and wet multi-piece. The driving mechanism of the brake is generally a forcing device, and its power source is compressed air, gas capping oil and hydraulic type. At present, the gas top oil brake system is commonly used, and a double circuit brake system is generally used to improve the safety of driving.

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