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Good rigidity, good strength and strong lateral resistance
Jul 11, 2018

I believe many people know that the weighbridge can be divided into: U-shaped steel floor scales, channel steel floor scales, I-beam floor scales, and reinforced concrete floor scales (common name cement scales). But why do you usually buy U-shaped steel when you purchase customers? What is its advantage compared to others? Electronic platform manufacturers Hengyuan Electronics  today to give you an analysis of the advantages of U-shaped steel scales:

  U-shaped steel scale body is supported by U-shaped steel at the bottom according to the principle of bridge. There is no sealing plate and there is no mold partition. From the perspective of welding, U-shaped steel scales are fully welded, while channel steel scales are spot welded. Therefore, the industry believes that U-shaped steel is better than channel steel. U-shaped steel weighing platform adopts 5-7 U-shaped main beams (designed according to tonnage and table size) to ensure the overall rigidity of the weighing platform. The inner cavity of the weighing platform is completely sealed and not easy to rust. After the steel plate is treated by shot blasting and rust removal, It is made of epoxy zinc-rich primer and acrylic marine paint. The oil film is thick and has a thickness of 100 microns. It is resistant to pressure, acid, alkali and corrosion. It is the fourth generation of industrial scales. The equipment that must be equipped for U-shaped steel scales is a bending machine. Adopting 600T large double-machine linkage bending machine, the shearing machine has high positioning precision and high speed, and the equipment is the most advanced in the same industry in the province. If you buy this bending machine in the market, you need more than 600,000 yuan. Therefore, the price of U-shaped steel scale is more expensive than that of channel steel. The steel structure is reasonable, the rigidity is good, the strength is good, and the lateral force is strong. ,long life. The bottom of the U-shaped steel is designed with a bridge structure.

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