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Ensure weight weight
Jul 11, 2018

The weighbridge is a weighing instrument for daily use. Many people may be strangers to the use of the weighbridge. So today we will introduce you to the strict operating specifications for the weighbridge:

   1. The bracket for placing heavy objects must be placed in the center of the electronic platform scale;

   2. Check whether the electronic scale is cleared before weighing the heavy object;

   3. After placing heavy objects, it is necessary to remove all the debris that affects its weight, and ensure that the C-hooks, chains or tapes that carry heavy objects are far away from the heavy objects, and the weight can be weighed without affecting the weight;

   4. Weigh each heavy object twice and find the average value as the weight of the weight; if the data error after weighing twice is large, it must be weighed again or repeatedly to ensure the weight of the weight;

   5, the crane must be responsible and responsible, accurately fill the weight on the weighing scale and heavy objects, and sign on the weighing scale, not falsified;

   6. Final inspection by the quality inspector and regular inspection and inspection;

   7. The quality inspector on duty signs the weight of the products produced on duty and is responsible for the authenticity of the data.

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