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Digital menu operation, simple and clear
Jul 11, 2018

Multi-seal protection, waterproof and moisture-proof design, ensuring normal detection in rainy days, light weight, easy to carry, high precision, good repeatability, and small lateral consistency error. With high-strength cable protection spring, it is not afraid of car wheel rolling, and the waist hole handle design will never be damaged. The cable signal plug is imported and the external high-strength protective cover is waterproof and sealed to ensure that it will not be crushed and waterproof. The high-quality rubber shading surface has a double anti-skid pattern design, exquisite workmanship, sturdy and durable, and the table is connected by a dovetail groove to prevent the platen and the slope from being disengaged. The platen is made of ultra-high-strength aerospace aluminum alloy. The outer surface of the platen is treated with high-quality military aluminum oxidation to resist wear and corrosion. The dynamic structure of the integral structure has fast response speed and high frequency.

The portable platform has high precision, with 10 points correction and automatic speed compensation.

LCD display, digital menu operation, simple and clear.

The full Chinese character dot matrix display can display the weight of the vehicle and the weight of the front and rear axles simultaneously on the same screen. It is convenient for the inspector to operate and judge on the same interface. ,

It can store test records for up to 1000 vehicles.

Extremely simple operation, complete search and statistics.

With AC charger and car charger, built-in high-capacity battery, real-time display battery capacity, the battery can maintain 60 hours of operation, and can automatically shut down.

The portable platform can transmit test data to the computer at any time.

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